I’m a dangerous man……

Yes I know that’s not the normal way to start a blog but I really am. I have the ability to talk so passionately and convincingly about stuff that I can make people believe I know what I’m talking about. Like the time I talked my wife into taking over a failed Greengrocers.

I was working in a IT recycling plant earning a safe wage just plodding along. Shelly (My wife) was looking after our two kids whilst also working a part time job. I have always enjoyed cooking and food and we were lucky enough to live in a place which boasts a Butchers, Bakers, Greengrocers and at that time a fishmongers but as we all know the pressure on indie shops is huge.

With three big chain shops in the town of Brightlingsea (population 10,000 ish) the Greengrocers we had in town succumbed to the pressure along with the fishmongers a few years later. So like I said I’m a dangerous man and a dangerous thought began to surface in my mind.

“I wonder how much the rent on that Greengrocers is????” Shelly looks at me, I’m sure she knew what was coming next, but she goes with it. “Why?” “I just think a Greengrocers would work in this town, with the right people” Shelly at this point knew who I thought the right people might be.

This may not be the exact way of events, but you can get the gist of it. A few days later Shelly had organised a meeting with the previous owners (with our then 3yr old daughter in tow) the landlord and somehow does a deal on the rent and buy’s the fixtures and fitting lock stock and barrel.

Now you would of thought I might have had some idea as to how you go about running and stocking a greengrocers from a family trade or some kind of experience. Well No, at this point in time I had no idea. I was later to find out my Family had weirdly been in the trade but that’s a another story.

So by now we have a shop so all we have to do is Open it yeah. Oh did I mention this was three weeks before Christmas the busiest time of year for any greengrocers, as I said I’m a dangerous man.

We were either very lucky or very bold and we picked the brains of the previous owners and they kindly introduced us to a guy who worked at New Spitalfields Market and he has continued to this day to be our guide to the weird and wonderful world of wholesale Fruit and Veg.

So I toodle of to work, as I’m still working full time at this point and leave my poor wife with a shop full of stock, a till and some weighing scales, three weeks before Christmas with two young kids?!?! Whoever came up with the phrase ‘the weaker sex’ has never met my wife because 5 years later that little shop supports our family and we believe it’s truly an asset to our town.

We also have a fairly successful Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube pages, so now it’s time for a blog. So we hope you’ll enjoy our passion for Fruit and Veg and great food as much as we do and even if it isn’t a much read blog at least our kids can read about how their Dad is a dangerous man and their Mum is a marvel.

Welcome to Bumbles……. 


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We are an independent Greengrocers that are based on Brightlingsea High Street. Our produce is fresh from Spitalfields Market London, we also source local produce where we can, we also have a wide range of fresh herbs available. We currently offer a Fruit and Veg Box service with an evening delivery (after 6pm) on Monday, Tuesday or Friday. Saturday Collections are also available. Boxes are a minimum order of £10 and delivery is free of charge within the Brightlingsea area, so if you are interested in having a Bumbles Box then please email, phone, text, tweet or just pop into the shop for further info. We currently supply Cafe Chic and The Autumn Centre (Family Support) with our fresh produce, if your a business that would be interested in us supplying you then please do get in touch. #BumblesBox #BumblesGG #brightlingsea #essex #greengrocers #BumblesVegan

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