Pancake Day!

What you’ll need:

100g Plain Flour
Pinch of Salt
2 Eggs
300ml Milk

So simple!!

I’ve been using these ingredients for years and my children now say I am the master of Pancakes! It’s from my Bible Readers Digest New Cookery Year this is often the book I turn to for some good old fashioned advice as I’m not as good at cooking as Mr Lee is, he’s also the one I turn to for advice on cooking as when we first met all I lived on were tins of spaghetti hoops and I couldn’t even boil a potato, in fact (confession time) I used to buy ready made mash!!!!!

I know right! A Greengrocer buying ready made mash, shocking behaviour!! Well I wasn’t a Greengrocer then, I was a 19 year old Screen Printer who’d just left home and never knew how or what to cook, food to me was just something that you had to eat or you’ll die!!

Over the last 20 years I have learnt to LOVE food and to cook most things from scratch and I rather enjoy cooking now, some have been master pieces, others, well not so much!

Once I spent hours making a Chicken noodle dish from scratch for Mr Lee with all the herbs and spices etc etc, it took me soooooo long, when he came home from work he asked me if I’d tipped out a Chicken Pot Noodle onto the plate! Needless to say I was a bit annoyed by this, but I didn’t give up (we probably had a row though) and now I will give anything a go although I’ve never attempted that dish again!!

I’m a lucky girl with a great husband and two smashing kids who thankfully don’t take after me and are both pretty good at cooking too, our son makes the most amazing Lemon Meringue Pie (my absolute fave pudding!) and our daughter always wants to help out in the kitchen so we always try to encourage this, I certainly don’t want her living on tins of spaghetti hoops or ready made mash when she leaves home!


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We are an independent Greengrocers that are based on Brightlingsea High Street. Our produce is fresh from Spitalfields Market London, we also source local produce where we can, we also have a wide range of fresh herbs available. We currently offer a Fruit and Veg Box service with an evening delivery (after 6pm) on Monday, Tuesday or Friday. Saturday Collections are also available. Boxes are a minimum order of £10 and delivery is free of charge within the Brightlingsea area, so if you are interested in having a Bumbles Box then please email, phone, text, tweet or just pop into the shop for further info. We currently supply Cafe Chic and The Autumn Centre (Family Support) with our fresh produce, if your a business that would be interested in us supplying you then please do get in touch. #BumblesBox #BumblesGG #brightlingsea #essex #greengrocers #BumblesVegan

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