Sweet potato, leek, cheese & mustard sandwich……

What you’ll need

One or two large sweet potatoes
Two leeks
Sesame seeds

Take the large sweet potato (baked potato size) and slice length ways so it looks like you have 4 slices of bread. Put the slices of sweet potato into boiling water and cook until soft but firm. Slice leeks and cook in boiling water and set aside. Now heat up griddle pan or frying pan.

Add the slices of sweet potato to the griddle pan, spread mustard on face up sides in the pan and then sprinkle with sesame seeds turn sweet potato over after 5 mins so the mustard and sesame seed side is now face down.

Leave to cook for a further 5 mins then on the two slices of sweet potato cover with leeks and grated cheese and pop the other two slices of sweet potato on the top making a sandwich.

Take the pan off the heat and cover sandwich in pan with bowl until the cheese melts.

And voila….you have a sweet potato, leek, cheese and mustard sandwich click the link below for a Bumbles step by step guide on You Tube.

You can also cook the sweet potato in the toaster and get a similar result I know it sounds weird but you can. I personally like the look of the griddle line on the sweet potato but either way is good.

see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6PIcV-suzY&t=181s